12th Corps Badge with 90 plus % Original Red Paint

This Corps badge measuring approximately 1 ¾ inches across is a 5 pointed star.  There is only one commercially manufactured Corps badge style that we know is definitely war date… the metallic stippled variety.  How do we know?  Because that is the only style we see consistently excavated.  There were many manufactured Corps badges – fancy ones as offered for sale in Harper’s Weekly, etc.  But as far as commercially made for “mass distribution” (and even then, not too mass), there is only one variety and that is the stippled kind that we know for sure is war date (not Reunion, etc.).  

Our pin, as mentioned, has great red paint.  This means 1st Division of the 12th Corps.  The pin on the reverse is no longer present.  For display, this piece is truly excellent!  

#A174 – Price $650