Collection of 4 Historical Relics along with Newspaper Article from 1932 regarding their display on Memorial Day – Includes a Rosewood Civil War Fife!

These 4 relics were originally in a frame that literally fell apart.  They have been tastefully displayed now in a modern frame.  Each of the 4 relics has an original “ink of the period” descriptive label.  

The highlight of the group is a Civil War Rosewood fife.  The accompanying tag reads: 

“This fife was the property of B. F. Wynn
deceased.  It was used by him
when a boy and a member of the
“Isaac Hicks Martial Band”,
which played for the enlistment
and departure of the soldiers
of the Civil War.”

The next relic is a piece of wood 1 x 4 inches with the tag stating:

“Wood from Commodore Perry’s
Taken from the ship by a 
diver before its removal 
from the water.”

The newspaper article adds that the ship was sunk in 1812.

Next we have 2 fired Civil War bullets and a piece of shell.  The tag reads: 

“Union and Confederate
bullets and piece of shell
from the battle field
of Chattanooga, Tenn.”

The final item is an original cigar with the label “Cigar made in Pittsburgh in the year 1860”.  It is mounted in an old cigar tube that is now cracking.  The newspaper article refers to this relic as “A Pittsburgh Stogie” made in Blairsville in 1860.  Blairsville is a small town east of Pittsburgh, and the 1932 newspaper article was apparently from there.  

The newspaper article is entitled, “Window Display of Historical Relics”.  It goes on to mention that the relics were being displayed at S. D. Stiffey & Sons as a Memorial Day decoration (They were a plumbing and hardware business).   The article mentions other items that were displayed that are not present, but all 4 items in our display are listed.  

The overall size of the frame is 13 x 16 inches.  Quite amazing that the newspaper article was still found with the relics.  Great eye appeal display.

#A518 – Price $695