Colorful Examples of Confederate Patriotic Flag Stationery & an Extremely Rare Patriotic Envelope – Both with Period Ink Inscriptions

These two pieces framed together in a period frame make for an outstanding display.  The 4 ½ x 7 ½ inch stationery features a 2 ½ inch tall 12 star flag with red, blue and white color.  Underneath the flag, written in ink:  “Confederate paper and flag”.

Framed on the lower portion of the stationery is a golden color Confederate States of America patriotic envelope that includes patriotic verse.  In Kaufmann’s Confederate Handbook of Postal History she shows this design on page 443 and calls it “Allegorical River Scene”.  On our cover is written in ink “Confederate Envelope”.   The only other example we have seen of this rare cover sold at auction for $5,000.  Of course that was for a postally used cover, but in any case, this is a rare souvenir. 

A colorful Confederate display.    

#A576 – Price $595