Gettysburg Medal of Honor Recipient General Alexander S. Webb Sends Home a Souvenir from the Battlefield of Fair Oaks, Virginia, May 1862 – NOTE & AUTOGRAPH ALL IN HIS HAND!

This relic has been in our collection for many years.  It comes with the original write up from a Civil War dealers’ catalog back in the 1960’s: 

“BATTLEFIELD FIND AND AUTOGRAPH – Envelop with writing on front in the hand of Alex S. Webb which reads.  ENVELOP PICKED UP AFTER THE BATTLE OF FAIR OAKS BY MAJ. A. S. WEBB, MAY 1862.  Inside is a number of crushed flowers.  Obviously Confederate envelope as brownish in color.  Super Autograph and Battlefield found item.”

The Confederate envelope is in fine condition and the writing and autograph is definitely that of Alexander Webb.  At the time of Fair Oaks, Webb was a Major but soon advanced to General and was presented the Medal of Honor for his bravery at the battle of Gettysburg. 

A fine relic from one of the Civil Wars most famous heroes. 

#A588 – Price $695