141st Pa I.D. Disc – His Name is on the PA. Memorial at Gettysburg!

At the battle of Gettysburg, the 141st Pa. Infantry fought in the 3rd Corps under General Sickles. Prior to Gettysburg, this regiment had just been decimated at the battle of Chancellorsville in a desperate charge on the 3rd day of the battle… losing over half its men as casualties. At Gettysburg the 141st fought to the right of the peach orchard which was the most exposed part of the battlefield. It again sustained fearful losses. It went into action with 198 men and sustained 136 casualties or nearly 70% of its numbers. The I.D. disc is of the “Against Rebellion, Union 1861” with a shield variety. The disc shows a good amount of wear and has a nice patina. On the reverse is stamped:

Co. K.

In the Civil War database, there is no ‘A’ in his last name… so probably just a mistake by the sutler. The ‘E’ looks to be double stamped. Overall, the markings are easily read.

Archive records show that Sperry was wounded in the battle of the Wilderness, May 6th, 1864. 

An important 3rd Corps I.D. from a hard-hit Gettysburg unit. 

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