Civil War Letters: Massachusetts

Civil War Letters: Massachusetts

1st Mass. Cavalry – Calvin Rice, Company G Writes from Edisto Island on May 10th, 1862 – A very interesting letter mentioning treatment of Blacks – Be sure to read!

1st Mass. Inf. – Spotsylvania Battle Letter – May 19, 1864

1st Mass. Inf. – Peninsula Campaign Battle Letter April 14th, 1862 – “Berdan Sharpshooters dropped a man about every time they fired.”

7th Mass. Light Artillery – Long 6 Page Letter Describing Vicksburg after the Fall – White River Landing, Arkansas September 9th, 1864

15th Mass. Private Roland E. Bowen, Captured at Gettysburg, Writes to a Friend from Belle Island Prison

15th Mass. – Roland E. Bowen is released from Belle Island Prison & Writes his Full Story from Camp Parole in Annapolis, Md. – “I AVERAGED ONE HOUR EVERY DAY IN PICKING LICE” – “MY BLOUSE WAS HALF EATEN UP BY THE WORMS” – “I WAS CALLED A BELLE ISLAND SPECULATOR” (You have got to read his money making efforts!)

15th Mass. Roland E. Bowen, Waiting to Be Exchanged, Writes Much Detail about his Capture at Gettysburg & His Journey to Richmond

15th Mass. Soldier’s Letter – Ball’s Bluff Battle – “I threw my cartridge box and belt into the Potomac and took my gun and started across. When I got about half way across, I went down and like to have gone down the second time when I dropped my gun.” “The men was shot all around.” “I saw Col. Baker when he was shot and helped carry him off the field. He was shot by 5 bullets.”

16th Mass. Inf. – Graphic Battle Letter Describing Malvern Hill & 2nd Bull Run Written by Harris D. Clark – Helped Save the Life of Asa D. Smith in Bruce Catton’s Book!

16th Mass. Inf. – Excellent Fair Oaks Battle Letter – Decaying Rebels Made the Atmosphere Very Unpleasant – One of Our Men Wounded in the Side: “The Rebels had run a bayonet through his neck & searched his pockets.”

1862 Envelope — American Tract Society + Grieving Mother’s Letter — Famous Chaplain Alonzo H. Quint – 22nd Mass.

29th Mass. – “Colorful” Content Irish Brigade Letter – Yes, the Irish did like their liquor!