#L1-24-63 NY

Sergt. George J. Sager of the 149th New York Infantry Writes Home & Draws a Full-Page Illustration, “This is the way we are now suffering for ‘Our Country” (Getting Stuck in the Mud while Marching!)

George J. Sager was mustered into Company I of the 149th New York Infantry at Syracuse, New York on August 22nd, 1862.  The letter is 3 pages in ink plus one full page of illustration.  The letter is headed, “Stafford Court House 8 miles from Fredricksburg Jan 24th 1863”. 

  • Dear All, According to promise, I have taken the first opportunity to write to you. As near as I can find out, we are bound for Fredricksburg, camping for the night at the above-named place.
  • WE HAVE BEEN ON THE MARCH FOR THE LAST 6 DAYS AND A HARD MARCH IT HAS BEEN. To Monday now, we left camp at the station with good weather, marched some 4 or 5 miles and camped for the night. The next day, we marched 18 miles, the roads being good, but it was a hard march, you better believe with our heavy knapsacks, guns, 60 round ammunition, 3 days’ rations in our haversacks.
  • The next morning it commenced raining and rained 2 days. Of course, we saw all the soldiering we wanted to see, wet all the while and cold.
  • THE ROADS FULL OF MUD AND WATER, MULES AND HORSES STREWN ALONG THE ROAD DEAD AND DYING, BROKEN WAGONS, & SO & SO. We could not march over 3 or 4 miles a day, and that was hard marching to the roads are very bad yet, but we are quite comfortable tonight with a good big fire in front of our tent and everything well dried, though we are all well worn out and dreadful tired.
  • You will therefore excuse me with this short and imperfect letter. Col. Barnum reached the Regt. the night before we left the station. The boys all seem glad to see him. I want to hear from home dreadfully. I think it would do me good. Write soon. Good bye for the present. As ever, Sergt. George J. Sager. 

On the back is a well-drawn, hand-sketched picture of four soldiers marching through the mud, entitled: “This is the way we are now suffering for ‘Our Country.'” 

A great piece of folk-art!   

#L1-24-63 NY – Price $695