Civil War Letters: Pennsylvania

Civil War Letters: Pennsylvania

11th Pa. Cavalry – Sgt. Edgar J. Pierce Writes from Hagerstown, Md. Concerning the Confederate Raid on Chambersburg, Pa. & Capturing the Invaders – “WE HAD A FREIGHT TRAIN OF 21 CARS LOADED WITH THE WRETCHES. THEY HAD STOLEN EVERYTHING YOU WILL FIND IN A COUNTRY STORE”

Fredericksburg Battle Letter Written by Ellis C. Strouss, Co. K, 57th Pa. Infantry

57th PA. Infantry – Thomas C. Zahniser Gives a Great, Graphic Description of the Start of the Peninsula Campaign – “THEIR LIMBS WERE TORN FROM THEM AND THEIR ENTRAILS WERE HANGING OUT.”

James A. Parker, Co. E, 100th Pa. Infantry Writes from Hilton Head, S.C. on November 20th, 1861 – He describes the taking of Hilton Head – Parker would be killed 7 months later on James Island

100th Pa. Soldier E. F. S. Pinkerton Writes Home on His Way by Ship to South Carolina. “Thought our vessel was gone forever”… He Survived but 9 Months Later Drowned When His Ship Went Down on the Potomac River! “We got lots of Negros as captives. They like it first rate, they know they are free. I will send you a piece of cotton as it grows here.” – And it is enclosed!

116th PA. Infantry “Irish” – Action at Bristoe Station – Great Escape Story… Chased by Rebels

  Letter from the “Flagship Philadelphia” Charleston Harbor, July 22nd  1864 – Daniel Spangler Describes the Hand to Hand Combat of the Black Troops (54th  Mass.) in their Famous Assault on Fort Wagner (As Shown in the Movie Glory)

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