Letter by J. B. Witherspoon Phillips, Company A 18th Battalion, South Carolina Artillery – His Beautiful Uniform is Pictured All Over the Internet!

This 3 page letter in ink is headed “Saint Andrews Parish, April 22nd, 1863”. Phillips is writing to his girlfriend in Columbia, S.C. He is stationed near Charleston, which has been under siege by the Union Naval forces.

• “Major Alston (Charles Alston, Manigault’s Battalion Light Artillery) and team moved from their encampment yesterday. I was in the hopes of going back to the city, but I have been disappointed in my expectations.”

• “The Palmetto Guard is encamped about fifty yards from the well where we stopped to water the horse when we were going to James Island and where we stopped to speak to Lieut. Rowland.”

• “The other two companies are encamped nearby. The Major has his Head Quarters in a very nice house about a mile from Col. White. There is a beautiful flower garden at the house. I am now staying at the Maj.’s Head Quarters with him.”

• “As soon as I finish what I now have to do, I shall try to run the Blockade to go to the city and get your Mother to send this to you by Roxy.”

We are not sure who owns the uniform of Phillips, but it is really spectacular. How often can you own a letter and have a photograph of the writers uniform!

#HC190SC.4-22-63 – Price $135