Confederate Civil War Letters: Generals, Famous & Other

Confederate Civil War Letters: Generals, Famous & Other

The Confederate Commander on Fort Sumter, Col. Alfred Rhett Writes to Col. Butler at Fort Moultrie!

Confederate Soldiers Letter – Randolph C. Fairfax, Rockbridge, Va. Light Artillery – (A FAMOUS VIRGINIA FAMILY) – Killed at Fredericksburg 12/13/62. This letter was written 3 months earlier from Martinsburg – “WHEN THE YANKEE BRIGADE WAS BEING DRIVEN BACK BY OUR ARTILLERY FIRE, JACKSON RODE UP TO WITHIN ABOUT 200 YARDS OF THEM AND WAVING HIS HANDKERCHIEF CALLED ON THEM TO SURRENDER.”

ALS of Confederate General Richard Griffith – Written 3 Months before being Mortally Wounded during the Battle of Savage’s Station – “OUR ALL IS ENLISTED AND OUR MOTTO SHOULD BE NOTHING BUT VICTORY OR DEATH. YOU MAY LIVE TO MOURN MY LOSS – NEVER MY DISGRACE -AN UNSTAINED HERITAGE I HOPE TO LEAVE MY FAMILY.

2 Letters from West Point Written by Southerners Who Would Leave to Join the Confederacy – THEY FOUND THEMSELVES IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME – Cadet William O. Winston, Jr. from Alabama & Cadet Llewellyn G. Hoxton from South Carolina

Confederate General Thomas Jordan Writes from “Head Quarters, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac, Fairfax Court-House October 14th, 1861”

War Date Letter from South Carolina General Wilmot Gibbes De Saussure – Written on Official State of South Carolina Executive Office Stationery – Docketed on the back by Governor Pickens

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