Confederate Civil War Letters: Generals, Famous & Other

Confederate Civil War Letters: Generals, Famous, & Other

2 Letters from West Point Written by Southerners Who Would Leave to Join the Confederacy – THEY FOUND THEMSELVES IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME – Cadet William O. Winston, Jr. from Alabama & Cadet Llewellyn G. Hoxton from South Carolina

Confederate General Thomas Jordan Writes from “Head Quarters, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac, Fairfax Court-House October 14th, 1861”

ALS – Confederate General Henry A. Wise, Charleston, S.C. September 20th, 1863 – Gen. Wise Stays at the Mill’s House Hotel and Meets with Gen. Beauregard!

War Date Letter from South Carolina General Wilmot Gibbes De Saussure – Written on Official State of South Carolina Executive Office Stationery – Docketed on the back by Governor Pickens

One of the Famous Fred Fleet Letters, 26th Virginia Infantry, Wappoo Creek, S.C. November 1st, 1863 – As Quoted in the Book, “Green Mount, A Virginia Plantation Family During the Civil War”

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