Union Civil War Letters: General, Famous & Other

Union Civil War Letters: General, Famous & Other

A Rare & Desirable Piece of Civil War Dramatic Theater & Excellent Example of War Period Calligraphy:  A Hand Done Broadside Announcing The “Union Aquatic Theater, Onboard U. S. Steam Gunboat PORT ROYAL, Harbor of Apalachicola (FL) April 17th, 1863” + 2 Letters from John A. Stammers who sent it to his friend

One Page ALS War Date Letter from Major General P. H. Sheridan along with a Fine Engraving of the General

Following the Confederate Takeover of Fort Sumter, Ordnance Supplies are Sent to the Fort via the Boat of Future Confederate General R. S. Ripley.  This Boat, The Steamer Planter was the One that Slave Robert Smalls would Steal on his Voyage to Freedom Just 17 Days Later

Naval Battle Letter – Captain Albert Phillips, U.S.S. Iroquois – With Cover – Great Description of the Battle of New Orleans, May 1st, 1862

Important War Date ALS of Union General George H. Gordon Regarding THE SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THE FIGHT FOR CHARLESTON’S FORT SUMTER AND THE USE OF COLORED TROOPS!  – Folly Island, S.C. May 26th, 1864

An Interesting Note Written by the First Cousin of Nurse Clara Barton -Edmund “Ned” Barton -He writes on a “Captured” Confederate Form

Sailor Pardon (Horace) Spencer Writes from the USS Augusta , Port Royal, S.C. – “Hilton Head is a one-horse town”

14th Illinois Cavalry – Major David Quigg Writes Home from Prison in Charleston, S.C. After His Capture in Athens, Georgia – Includes P.O.W. Envelope

Long, Large Letter from the 3rd Maine Infantry, Birney’s Brigade – 20 Miles from Richmond – Sgt. Hannibal A. Johnson Writes a Great Letter about the Battle of Williamsburg: “Half of their men were killed by the bayonets of our boys for the rain had rendered half of the guns useless…” – “THE WOUNDED COULD BE HEARD MOANING IN PAIN, FOR IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OFF ALL OUR WOUNDED” – “THE ROAD AND FIELD WAS COVERED WITH THE BODIES OF FRIENDS AND FOE ALL DEAD” – “Some of these poor fellows were so deep in the mud and water that we could not tell whether they were our men or not”

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