Union Civil War Letters: General, Famous & Other

Union Civil War Letters: General, Famous & Other

A Rare & Desirable Piece of Civil War Dramatic Theater & Excellent Example of War Period Calligraphy:  A Hand Done Broadside Announcing The “Union Aquatic Theater, Onboard U. S. Steam Gunboat PORT ROYAL, Harbor of Apalachicola (FL) April 17th, 1863” + 2 Letters from John A. Stammers who sent it to his friend

Sailor Pardon (Horace) Spencer Writes from the USS Augusta , Port Royal, S.C. – “Hilton Head is a one-horse town”

14th Illinois Cavalry – Major David Quigg Writes Home from Prison in Charleston, S.C. After His Capture in Athens, Georgia – Includes P.O.W. Envelope

Long, Large Letter from the 3rd Maine Infantry, Birney’s Brigade – 20 Miles from Richmond – Sgt. Hannibal A. Johnson Writes a Great Letter about the Battle of Williamsburg: “Half of their men were killed by the bayonets of our boys for the rain had rendered half of the guns useless…” – “THE WOUNDED COULD BE HEARD MOANING IN PAIN, FOR IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OFF ALL OUR WOUNDED” – “THE ROAD AND FIELD WAS COVERED WITH THE BODIES OF FRIENDS AND FOE ALL DEAD” – “Some of these poor fellows were so deep in the mud and water that we could not tell whether they were our men or not”

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