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Fort Sumter March 21st, 1861 – Major Anderson & his men are isolated.  Steamers have failed to bring aid to the fort.  Dr. Samuel W. Crawford writes to the Post Master in New York concerning mail that he has not received.

Headed “Fort Sumter, S. C., March 21st, 1861,” Dr. Samuel W. Crawford, a member of Anderson’s Staff (and who would later become a General and lead his Pennsylvania Reserve Corps at the Battle of Gettysburg), writes to the Post Master in New York. He states:

Fort Sumter S. C.
March 21st, 1861

To the
Postmaster N. V.

Dear Sir
I have been informed that there is a letter to my address in your office. Will you be kind enough to enclose it to me at once. Postage stamp is enclosed.

Yours truly,
S. W. Crawford M. D.
U. S. A.

On the reverse of Crawford’s note, the Postmaster Secretary has written this note:

New York P. Office
Mch 25th, 1861

S. W. Crawford, M. D.
Surgeon, U. S. Army

There is no letter in this office for you, either need for postage or otherwise.

I can assure you that no letter for you, or my friend, Maj. Anderson, or any other officer at Fort Sumter would be detained, and that every man in this office would deem it a privilege to be allowed to pay the postage on such a letter.

Very respectfully,
R. O. Morgan

An amazing ALS from one of the Civil War’s most famous Union Generals. Fort Sumter would be fired on by the Confederacy only -a few weeks after this note was written.

Truly a unique piece. 

#L3-21-61 – Price $2,950

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