Stonewall Jackson’s Confederate Chaplain Abner C. Hopkins – 1862 Turned Postal Cover Addressed to Him – GREAT MILITARY ADDRESS + On the Reverse a Petersburg Merchants Imprint!

This yellow cover with 2 milky blue Jeff Davis stamps has a nice cancellation: “RICHMOND, Va. JUL. 8, 1862”. It is addressed: 

Revnd. A. C. Hopkins Care of Major R. L. Dabney Assistant Adjt. Genl. to Genl. Jackson Army of the Valley of Va. 

On the reverse in the upper left hand corner is a merchant’s advertisement in dark oval blue, probably a grocery merchant in Petersburg, Va. On top of it is a cancelled 3 cent Washington stamp with a blue Petersburg, Va. cancellation. This side is addressed to: 

Mrs. Ann P. Hopkins Care of Dr. J. M P. Atkinson Hampden Sydney Coll. Virginia.

Conclusion: Ann Pleasants Hopkins whose madden name was Atkinson married Abner Hopkins in May of 1861. Abner went off to war and Ann stayed with her father who was the President of Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden Sydney, Virginia. So, this address panel is in the hand of Abner. Paper was scarce, so Ann turned the cover inside out and used it to mail to her husband. Note: Only the “fronts” of the cover are present, not the back. A tremendously historic, unique piece of Confederate history. 

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