A Great Piece for the Old West/Gold Rush/Wells Fargo Collector

Some 30 years ago we purchased the top masthead of a Downieville, Sierra County, California Newspaper, The Sierra Citizen, dated October 20th, 1855. At the top is a “WELLS FARGO & CO. EXPRESS DOWNIEVILLE” ink stamp. There is a large illustration of a gold miner and an Indian warrior, with deer & bear flanking a bird’s eye view of the town of Downieville. In pencil at the left top is the name “O. Amy”, who is identified in a news item on back as the paper’s authorized agent in Marysville. A scarce example of Wells Fargo marking on a newspaper.  

This piece would look great at the top of a display case of old West items. Selling for what it sold for 30+ years ago. 

#W75 – Price $325