Civil War Letters: New York

Civil War Letters: New York

1st New York Mounted Rifles – Letter from Henry C. Smith – “Head Quarters Army of the James” – INCLUDES A DRAWING OF THEIR LOG HOUSE

Letter from W. J. Wilson of the 1st New York Engineers Writes to the Colt Arms Company -He wants to buy a colt revolving rifle with telescopic site!

2 Letters, Battle of Fredericksburg – Colonel John F. Pierson, 1st New York Infantry – “The groans & cries of the wounded resounded on the air… for two days and two nights did several hundred wounded men lie upon the ground exposed to cold and calling for a little water for the love of God” – “One round shot struck a man near me, and tearing him into two parts, sent half whirling in different directions.”

Lt. Col. John Fred Pierson, 1st New York, Organizes “The Prisoners Club” in Libby Prison + His CDV!

Petersburg Battle Letter – 6th N.Y. Heavy Artillery – Great Paragraph on Exchanging with the Johnnies!

43rd New York Infantry – “Flint Hill (1 ½ mile from Fairfax Court House) March 12th, 1862″ – Nice Content about Major in 5th Wisconsin Capturing a 7 Star Confederate Flag!

Battle of Fredericksburg Letter – 105th N.Y. Vol. – Capt. Abraham Moore Describes Looking for One of His Missing Men on the Battlefield – “I went so near the enemies pickets that could hear them cough & talk.  But on account of so many wounded men that was then calling for help, praying & making all sorts of noise, the enemy did not observe me.”

141st New York Soldiers Letter – Arlington Heights March 25th, 1863 – William S. McCrea Writes of their Accommodations: “We have found that the rats had possession before we did & our cat has deserted, probably having reconnoitered the place before & ascertained the strength of the enemy she had to deal with.”

143rd New York Vol. – Battle of Peach Creek, Georgia, July 21st, 1864

2 Letters with Drawings from Sergt. George J. Sager, Company I, 149th New York Infantry – Acquia Creek, Va., January 28th & 29th, 1863

169th New York – Life on Folly Island, S.C. Oct. 1863 – Frederick French, K.I.A. 7 Months Later!