Civil War Letters: South Carolina

Civil War Letters: South Carolina

1st S.C. Infantry Confederate Report Concerning the Federal Bombardment of Fort Moultrie in November 1864 – “The parapet of Fort Moultrie was very much cut up by the fire of the enemy” – “Some portions of the external slope has slided”

U.S. Steamer Augusta Off Charleston, May 22nd, 1863 – Letter from Pardon Spencer – Great Description of the Union Ironclad “Little Monitors”, Capturing a “Contraband” & Chasing Blockade Runners. At Port Royal: “I saw one white woman the last time I was there. She had only one eye and perhaps a wooden leg.”

U.S. Steamer Augusta, South Atlantic Blockading Squadron Off Charleston, S.C. – Fighting the Confederate Ironclads Chicora & Palmetto State, “We received one 9 inch shell through our vessel… the shot and shell flew around us for a time.”

17th South Carolina Volunteers – Starting the Cadet Riflemen Company by Capt. William S. Elliott, June 18th, 1860 Charleston, S.C.

Letter by J. B. Witherspoon Phillips, Company A 18th Battalion, South Carolina Artillery – His Beautiful Uniform is Pictured All Over the Internet!

In Early War Charleston, S.C., Col. Lemuel M. Hatch of the South Carolina Militia Writes to Gen. Beauregard Regarding the North’s Preparations for War – Great Content!

Letter Written to Slave Broker Z. B. Oakes in Charleston, S.C.  – He was the dealer that ran the SLAVE PEN… which became the “Old Slave Mart Museum”! – THIS LETTER WAS FOUND AND KEPT AS A SOUVENIR WHEN CHARLESTON FELL TO THE UNION ARMY IN MARCH OF 1865

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