Union Civil War Letters: Battles

Union Civil War Letters: Battles

2 Letters, Battle of Fredericksburg – Colonel John F. Pierson, 1st New York Infantry – “The groans & cries of the wounded resounded on the air… for two days and two nights did several hundred wounded men lie upon the ground exposed to cold and calling for a little water for the love of God” – “One round shot struck a man near me, and tearing him into two parts, sent half whirling in different directions.”

15th New Jersey Fredericksburg Battle Letter – “The Rebels fight like bulldogs” – “I had a bullet shot right threw my blanket, which was strapped on my back

143rd New York Vol. – Battle of Peach Creek, Georgia, July 21st, 1864

98th Ohio Infantry Battle Letter – Marietta, Ga. July 1st, 1864 – “A truce was had to bury our dead. It was a sad task and a hard one as the smell was sickening.”

Fredericksburg Battle Letter Written by Ellis C. Strouss, Co. K, 57th Pa. Infantry

99th Pa. Infantry – William J. Dougall Describes Battles at Auburn, Bristow Station, Fairfax Court House, Bull Run, and best of all, A BULLET GOING THROUGH “THAT RED PATCH… ON THE TOP OF THE CAP” (Corps Badge: 3rd Corps, 1st Division, Red Diamond)

57th PA. Infantry – Thomas C. Zahniser Gives a Great, Graphic Description of the Start of the Peninsula Campaign – “THEIR LIMBS WERE TORN FROM THEM AND THEIR ENTRAILS WERE HANGING OUT.”

5th Vermont Battle Letter – Lee’s Mill, Va. – Amos B. Hawley of Co. B – Sends Home a “Secesh Postage Stamp” – Bodies “unburied by the Rebels after being robbed of their clothing and brutally bayoneted and punched with sticks”

A Quite Amazing 27th Connecticut Battle Letter from the Battle of Fredericksburg – George S. Hill Describes being Hit there 3 Times & with a Piece of Shell Still Stuck Between his Eyes. His Overcoat had 9 Bullet Holes in it!

The Battle of Fredericksburg, “BURNSIDES SLAUGHTER HOUSE” – Letter & Hand Drawn Map by Sgt. Richard Crockett, 19th Maine Infantry – “Most of the houses burnt up or riddled with cannon balls.”

1st Massachusetts Infantry – Spotsylvania Battle Letter – May 19th, 1864

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